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Red Light

1.8 Meter PRO 12 Minute Sessio

red light therapy tanning booth

  • 39 – 160 Watt Cosmolux RLT Lamps
  • 12 Minute Session
  • Patented 5.5 Sided Design
  • Optional Command Module/Stereo/MP3
  • Optional Attached Dressing Room


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Technical Specifications

Buy red light therapy tanning booth
Rejuvé PRO
Maximum Exposure Time 12 Minutes
Lamps 39-160 Watt 1.8M
Voltage/Amperage* 220-230V/37A-10 24A-30
Cooling System 4000 CFM
Available with or without Dressing Room Yes
Frosted Acrylics Optional
*If a buck boost transformer is required to attain proper voltage, add approximately 7 amps.